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Charmed, the Signature by touch-of-jade Charmed, the Signature by touch-of-jade
A Charmed Ones signature I made. Whether I use it or not will depend if I find a place to do so.

It's been a while since I really did anything Charmed related, and this [hopefully] sums up the whole show in a nutshell. I played around with a few features in Photoshop, threw a few cutouts of the characters together, and this was the outcome. The whole aura thing around Prue was kind of a happy accident. The background [texture that's overlaid with a filter] is supposed to be that of the Book of Shadows [added for that extra effect].

The foreground text: four words are a different color for a reason, and the spacing's intentional. pain is in red [since pain tends to be pretty vivd], love is pink [when I think love, pink often comes to mind :P ], gain is blue [blue for Paige's gain--and the orbing bit], loss is gold [I guess Leo's Elder bit (his temporary loss) came to mind for this]. The texture underneath is semi-transparent text paper, like an entry made in a book.

Behind the sisters: Cole/Belthazar [behind Phoebe], Leo & Chris [behind Piper], Grams & their mother Patty [behind Paige & Prue: the two sisters who were found/lost], Billie [the newcomer, off to the side].

Right corner, top: three biggest demons they faced: Zankou, Source of all Evil, & Barbas the demon of fear.

The book of shadows cover takes center stage on the right side. I used the Charmed text in the text box on PS, played with a few filters.
SporkRaider Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Fantastic work on this. It's very poetic to the series as a whole. Bravo.
Riori Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2012
NICE JOB! I love the images you chose to include :D
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